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May. 11th, 2007


This old thing

Hey - this is still here, huh?

I'm pretty much done with the whole livejournal scene, apparently. Anything interesting I have to say in blog-form will now be made over at DocileWalnut.com.

But don't worry. I still read my friends list every day. And lurk as I tend to do.


Edit: Add this feed to see entries on docilewalnut.com.

Aug. 4th, 2006



Fuckin' Sweet!

Also: omfg new job si teh awesome asdasjklafhsjchsjklfgsdklfjsdf

Aug. 2nd, 2006


Here It Goes Again

So you probably all remember me linking what is quite possibly the best music video ever, A Million Ways by OkGO. It's from their newest album, and was made all by them and is them dancing in the lead singer's backyard.

Anyways, it totally gets better by a factor of about ten billion in their newest video, which has TREADMILLS. I can't put it into words. You simply need to watch. So here it is, Here It Goes Again. Dew it, and dew it hardcore.

EDIT: And remember, not breathing causes you to die.

Jul. 21st, 2006






Jul. 4th, 2006


I.. sbuh.. wha?

I'm writing this entry mainly as a reminder for myself tomorrow.

To self: if you're reading this and can't remember any of yesterday, it's because the A/C at work was off, it was 25 degrees with almost 80% humidity, and they were sheilacing or something in the work room near your office. You spent a pretty good portion of the day completely out of your noggin. It's perfectly normal that upon waking this morning, you have a strange, metallic aftertaste in your mouth and can see only the colors grey and yellow. That will pass.

Also, to people who aren't me, in case you don't already know, I've moved.

... to my basement. Details later? Maybe!
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Jun. 27th, 2006


"Is your dog really a professor?" "Yeah! OF BEING A DOG! FACE!"

As usual, my updating has been rather sparse. But this time, I have an excuse! I've been rather busy with:
- Full-time work at The Little Dollhouse Company
- Freelance/Contract work for mine and running_forhome's upstart studio Light Language Media
- Miscellaneous freelance work
- Work for Sticks + Stones Films

Naturally, my instinct at this point is "how do I spend even more time?". Thank the Wikimedia Corporation for an answer. It seems that wikipedia has a lot of sister projects - one of which being WikiBooks. The basic idea behind that is to create free, open-source, readily changeable books on basically everything that has ever existed. Now this idea on it's own is dangerous for me; for a while I've had the itch to write a book on web design, learning HTML, things like that. I've been teaching it, writing tutorials, and tutoring on it for years, so it would be a natural thing to do. Plus I've always wanted to design a book, so it would be fun.

But the really perilous issue here is with a little sub-project called Wikiversity. The idea? University courses in which anyone can enroll for free, read the wikibooks as course material, and learn over the internet.

The part for me that I need to watch out for (and the part that is potentially totally awesome) is that if you prep the course, get the material together, create the curriculum, do all the marking, make the lectures, yadah yadah yadah, then you can sign up to be a professor, too.

Uh, holy shit.

So basically, if I disappear for a couple days/months, chances are I've become a fucking professor.

Jun. 14th, 2006


Stranger things have happened both before and after noon

You remember the Smooth Criminal video where Michael Jackson leans forward and it looks like he's gonna fall over but he doesn't? Yeah, well, he took out a patent for it in 1993. Check out the images.

Also, learn how Microsoft loses millions of dollars because of eight pixels. Nice, guys. Real nice.

And in other more pressing matters, I came to work today and my desk was covered in poo.

...I don't know. I just don't know anymore.

May. 30th, 2006


Will the fun never end.

My system is loaded down with spyware. Spybot, HijackThis, Adaware, Windows Defender, and a ream of others have been completely incapable of ridding my system. So I set about on the long, arduous task of backing-up all my files to reformat. Naturally, I placed them on my other hard drive for my big reformat tonight.

I pop in the windows installer disc.

It says "reformat drive C?" and I think "sure! Drive C is my (now empty) drive with windows on it! reformat c!" and it replies "okay! reformatted c!".

Now somewhere in that exchange it decided that instead of C it would just go ahead and reformat my other fucking hard drive.

All my movies for Sticks and Stones, and the footage. The play DVDs I've been working on for over a year. All my fonts. My downloads. My programs. Work for my current clients. Gone.


I am having a huge glass of scotch and going to bed. Good fucking night.

Apr. 21st, 2006


Ego-Linking at The Gates Of Hell

A few quick links for everybody, mostly centered on inflating my ego.

First off, I got a flickr account for all the random photography I tend to take. If you're on there, leave a comment or something so I may friend you.

Second, a new version of DocileWalnut.com is in the works... only now with 100% less .com. Right now it's being hosted on Sticks and Stones until I can buy a domain name or some proper space. Check that bad boy out here.

Last, a client I've been working with for a while, Matt Stevens. He does mainly freelance guitar and jazz and I'm not really sure. But anyways, check out that site at MattStevensMusic.com. It's going through live updates, meaning the page isn't quite done. Still, feedback is as good as it gets, so let me know what you guys think. And be honest.

That's all that's fit to report. Word out.

Apr. 4th, 2006



So is it the delightful spectrum of cold medicine in my body talking, or is it snowing?

Winter is an old meme.

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